Feinkostmarkt Portugal

Feinkostmarkt Portugal is an online shop that sells portuguese products in Germany.
This website was built with UI and UX design techniques. It is totally responsive and professional.
The marketing stratagies implemented made sales raise up 300% in the second month.


Web Design
Marketing Digital
Social Media


Feinkostmarkt Portugal


Frebruary, 2020

The Project

The idea, from the first moment, was to completely renew the layout of the previous website in order to communicate the variety of products sold by Feinkostmarkt Portugal.

I included simple and necessary features for the online store to work and the setup went perfectly.
With features such as: Account access, Client support and Wish List, Feinkostmarkt Portugal is now ready and is already showing positive results.

The Products

All products were organized by categories,  weight / size, stocks, a description and also with a product photography, essential for e-commerce.

Marketing Digital and Social Media

In addition to the e-commerce store, we have also developed a digital marketing strategy through Facebook ADS and SEM campaigns, as well as the design of the posts we created for social networks.